Techniques for Scheduling a Construction Project

A house under construction in Sedona Lakes, a master-planned community along County Road 101 just east of Texas 288 in Manvel.

Ensuring that a construction project remains on track is not easy. However, you can implement some techniques to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Efficient scheduling of a construction project can eliminate some problems. It can also inform the decisions that the involved parties make. That way, the overall construction process can remain on track. Here are some of the best techniques for scheduling a construction project. 

Excel Templates 

This is a classic technique for scheduling a construction project. It’s a simple way to ensure that everything remains organized. It can also be used to keep construction project details together. Using this technique allows players to easily access documents, comments, and pictures that relate to the project. After making changes, everybody that is added can see them. Thus, everyone can communicate changes and ensure that all participants are always updated. 

Gantt Charts 

Using bar charts is another way of ensuring that a construction project remains on track. Gantt charts provide the most straightforward and easiest way of setting up schedules. Gantt charts are accepted on most construction sites. That’s because they are highly versatile and simple. They feature a list of different activities and information about them. Some of the information that is contained in Gantt charts includes the start date, completion date, and duration. These charts can also be used to monitor the needed resources and equipment. 

Resource-Oriented Scheduling

This technique revolves around the project resources. It’s commonly used in projects that have minimal resources. A project delay can occur because time may be wasted waiting for the necessary resources. The duration resources will take may not be predictable. However, waiting longer can increase costs while lowering productivity. If a schedule fails to allocate for these conditions, it might not be realistic. This technique can also be used in a project that uses unique resources. 

Other techniques for scheduling a construction project include the Critical Path Method, Line of Balance Scheduling, and Q Scheduling. Each of these techniques is unique. Therefore, pick a technique that suits your construction project.