Pre Construction Services – What Are They?

Pre-construction services refer to the services that are offered before the actual construction processes start. According to Leif, owner one of the top pool companies in san antonio, he shared that the purposes of pre-construction services include planning, analyzing, and establishing the needs of a construction project. These services are aimed at informing or educating clients more about their projects. This includes what their projects need to be financially viable and functional. 

The cost of preconstruction services varies from one project to another. However, the amount spent on preconstruction services is largely dependent on the scope of a project. These services are generally a separate agreement from the project’s actual construction contract. This enables the client to collect the necessary information before they commit to a construction project. It also enables the client to break a relationship with a preconstruction contractor if they realize that the project is not feasible or if the relationship is not meeting their expectations. 

Importance of Preconstruction Services 

Not every construction project needs preconstruction services. However, these services are extremely important for complicated or more complex construction projects. Involving a contractor in your project early provides invaluable guidance from the beginning to the end. Remember that a contractor is an experienced professional. They understand what is required to ensure successful completion of construction projects.

A contractor works with engineers to identify structural details and systems that need keen attention. This enables them to provide solutions to the involved architects to ensure proper designs depending on the existing conditions. This helps in saving money and time later on during actual construction. 

Some of the major pre-construction services for most construction projects include: 

  • Engineering assessment 
  • Development of the initial schematic design
  • Preparation of the construction budget 
  • Developing a responsibility matrix 
  • Preparation of a construction schedule 

In addition to the important documentation and report, pre construction services providers present a representation of the actual construction. This educates the client on what will be done once the actual construction process begins.